Okay I am stepping way out of my comfort zone and aiming to do a reading and extension assignment for a 5th grade class. Here goes…….

Grade Level: 5th grade   

Name of Book: Frindle written by Andrew Clements

Plot: Nick is a 5th grade student who is bored in his English class. He has a teacher that he doesn’t like. One day he decides to ask questions about how objects got their names. That night he comes up with a new name for a pen. He calls it a Frindle. He tells his friends about it and soon everyone in the school is using the word Frindle. His English teacher is not happy about this and makes everyone who says the word stay after school. But that doesn’t stop this name from growing. Soon it becomes nationwide and someone even bought the rights to use this name for their advertisement. Years later when Nick is grown he receives a letter from his English teacher telling him that she intentionally reacted negatively to the name in order to make it more popular. Nick sends her a pen and a note telling her she can call her pen anything she would like.

Activity: I would explain that we are going to read a very exciting book. I would read the first chapter out loud in class and talk about it with the children. I would ask them some Bloom’s Taxonomy questions to get them to think about the story. For example:

  • Why do you think the teacher was upset?
  • Do you think that Nick liked English class?
  • What would you do if you were bored in class?
  • Have you ever wondered the meaning behind why people name things the names they have?

After we discuss the first chapter, they would go home and read chapter 2 by themselves. The next day they would tell the class what happened in chapter 2 and we would discuss it. We would continue to do this read a chapter at school and read the next one at home until the book is finished. Afterwards we would talk about the story and if they think it could ever happen. Why or why not? Then I would ask each child to think of an item and bring it to school the next day and give it a new name. Each child will show their item and tell the name they gave it. . 

Frindle                  Frindle2