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                                             My World 

In my fantasy world it would be

  • crime free-no fear of a crime of any kind
  • chocolate would magically have no calories and it would be good for you
  • you could pick any house you wanted to live in and it would be free. Everyone gets to choose one house-free of payment.. Plus the house would be self cleaning!
  • no sickness
  • food would grow on trees. You would just have to go out and pick what you wanted to eat off the tree
  • it would be a world of joy and laughter
  • money is not required in this world. We live in peace and harmony without greed, selfishness or envy. 
  • everyday is beautiful. There’s no such thing as humidity. 
  • the ability to fly. If we wanted to go someplace, we just fly there. 
  • People work together and get along. There is no racism, sexism, or hatred. We all help one another. 
  • a world of truth-no lies or deception

   This would be my fantasy world.