I enjoyed reading both articles, Finding Fantasy written by Robin Fuxa and Fairy Tale Characters Breathe New Life written by Rita Soltan. I choose to annotate the article Fairy Tale Characters Breathe New Life. I really enjoyed how she talked about comparing the flat fairy tales that we learned as a child to a deeper fairy tale that an adolescent would enjoy. She writes, 

The traditional flat fairy tale protagonist challenged with a problem usually prevails through some sort of magical intervention, whereas the round, well-developed character in a novel displays a level of growth or understanding through the actions, consequences, and progress of the story. These fairy tale-based novels portray dynamic characters whose relationships, thoughts, feelings, endeavors,and behaviors provide the reader a certain amount of intrigue and realism in an unreal world.
I think by giving the characters feelings, thoughts and relationships it adds a whole new dynamic to the fairy tale. It provides discussion for deeper conversations and is not as black and white as the traditional ones we learned as a child. The traditional ones have their place for younger children who need that concrete right and wrong story, but older ones would benefit from more diverse characters.
Here are my  Annotations

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