Task in Fable Module 

One of our tasks in the Fables module is to list some questions to ask students to get them to think of the moral of the story The Fox and the Grapes. I have to admit I have not heard of this story, so it gave me a chance to get to read the story. I loved the moral of this story and wish we could have everyone in our country read this story since many people have a problem with this. For those who have not read the story, you can find it here . The moral of the story is many people pretend to despise and belittle what is beyond their reach. Basically people hate the things they cannot have. You see this in our world all the time. People criticize that which they don’t have. 

Questions to ask children

  • Why do you think the fox walked away?
  • What do you think made him change his mind about the grapes? 
  • Would you have done anything different?
  • Have you ever wanted something that you couldn’t have?  What was it? How did you try to get it? Was there another way you could have tried? 
  • Do you get upset when you want something and can’t have it?

These questions may seem simple to you, but I am thinking of my preschool children when I write the questions. I want them to be able to think about the story in a critical manner and be able to relate it to their own lives.