Story of Me Learning Event #9

Wow! The story about me. Well, here it goes…..

My First learning event

The Scoop About Me 🙂

In a time long, long ago there was a girl born in Connecticut. This girl comes from a strong Italian family and is the second generation of her family to be born in the United States. Her grandparents on both sides came over from Italy. About a year after she was born, they welcomed a little boy in the family. The cherubs flew and danced over this family and they lived happily ever……

Oh wait, this is a story of my life. ha ha. My name is Lisa and yes I am the oldest of my family. It’s funny that I didn’t think much of the whole second generation thing until the last few years. Growing up I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I loved children. My plan was to get married and have many children. Unfortunately my plan didn’t quite go as expected. We had some fertility issues and we were only able to have one child. He became our world as you can see from the many pictures below. I loved being a mom and tell anyone it is an amazing opportunity/job/lifestyle.

I sort of stumbled upon being a teacher. I worked at People’s Bank (when it was still called People’s Bank) for many years. One of my last positions there was that I was a trainer in the credit card division. I loved training!! I developed new ways for the new employees to learn things while having fun. I worked at night so I could be home with my son during the day. When my son went to Kindergarten, I would often help in the classroom (yes, I was one of those helicopter moms). I found that I loved teaching. It combined two of my loves together -children and teaching.

I went back to school and got my associates in early childhood. I have been teaching both preschool and Kindergarten for 17 years. Well as you know the state changed the requirements (we have until 2020) that all lead teachers must have a bachelors degree. So here I am at age ## back to school with all of you.

Some interesting facts about me are that I lived in Las Vegas for a few years. I went to high school out there. No, they do not teach you how to work in casinos. I get asked that question so many times. LOL. I love to laugh and have a great sense of humor. I believe chocolate should be one of the main food groups-LOL. Lastly, I am sure that I am the oldest one in this class.

As for the happily ever after, life didn’t work out as I had planned. but there are always new adventures and journeys to go on. I am finding myself in a place of new beginnings. I am now a single mom working full time as a teacher and going back to school. Who knows what the next chapter holds….

As for my son he became a Marine-hence my blog name. He is still the joy of my life but is now serving our country in Japan.

12650439_945997262143123_826051716_n  Yes, I lived in a time where baby pictures where in black and white.



Lived in Vegas and got married





LE#2 Where I’m From…



LE#4 Voices in my world….

Sounds are all around us so to choose certain sounds that define who you are and the voices of your world was a little hard to break down. We hear sounds everywhere. But how much of those sounds that we hear actually influence our world? Here are the sounds that influence my world.

LE#5  A Turning Point…..

ttached is the story with pictures of one the biggest turning points in my life-my son enlisted in the Marines. It was a very difficult time for a variety of reasons-it was just the two of us, having him gone and knowing what he would be going through- I know the drill sergeants break you down, scream at you and you have to pass “The Crucible” to graduate. This was a time of growth for both of us.   Walk my World A turning Point LE5



LE#6 Miracles in the Mundane…

For this week’s Walk my World we had to write about a miracle in the mundane. The Walk my World site states, “As you consider sounds from your world that help you recognize the miracle in the mundane…”  I had to give that some thought. Anything can be a miracle in the mundane, the sound of a baby crying, a dog happily barking that you’re home, the purring of kittens saying in their own way that they love you, or even the sound of car horns blowing. Sound in itself is a miracle. Yet anyone can take the sound of something and look at it in a positive way or negative way. Consider the examples above and you can see these sounds as either positive or negative depending on your outlook.

While I had so many choices of things to write about, I chose to write about the sound of birds singing/chirping. A few years ago, I moved from a city to a smaller town in Connecticut. I love the slower pace of life here and the quietness. To me, I feel like I am living in the country with natural sounds all around me. One of the best sounds of “a miracle in the mundane” for me is the sound of birds chirping. When I go to sit on my patio, I just watch as they fly around making different beautiful songs. I am thankful that we have a variety of birds and they each have their own song. To be honest with you the only ones I can name are the Robins, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Hummingbirds and Woodpeckers. But it is so peaceful to sit out there and hear those calming sounds.

LE#7  Hear My Home

My day starts off with the alarm waking me from a peaceful sleep. You can also hear grumblings as I groan about having to get out of bed. This is followed by the sound of water hitting my body trying desperately to wake me. Once I am out of the shower I am awake to face my day. My dog looks at me informing me that she needs to go out. Okay, I’m up the dog has gone out, time to start my day. Time to find some music playing on the radio to jam out to as I drive to work. Once there I am greeted by the sounds of other teachers as we prepare our room for the day. Soon the voices of children fill the classroom. Throughout my day these are the voices I hear. When the work day is done, I either head home or off to college. If I am going home, I am greeted by my dog. This sound just warms my heart. Time to think about what’s for dinner. Now time for homework before the sandman visits and snoring could be heard as the last sound of the night.

LE#8 Where I’m Going….

I can answer this question with a shout, “I am going full steam ahead to completing my classes and graduating!” I have been on this path for over 10 years. Why so long? I have been detoured by family deaths, divorce, being a single parent and doing my best to make ends meet so that I can fulfill this goal.  Yes it has taken many years but I will fulfill this and in five years I will be teaching with my degree. I will be making more and able to afford a few luxuries. I will not be detoured from this goal!

In five years I am planning on working in a Kindergarten classroom and being DONE with college. I am planning on fulfilling one item on my bucket list-going on a cruise to Alaska and hopefully will be welcoming a daughter in law.



5 thoughts on “Story of Me Learning Event #9”

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  2. Margaret Johnson said:

    Lisa I loved the opening to the story of you. It sounded just like a story book! You wrote so well it sounded like I was actually listening to you talking. Great job!


  3. Lauren Barry said:

    Lisa, I really enjoyed the different approach you took on Learning Event Nine! I thought the way you wrote about each learning event as a reflection of the work you did a nice read. I fell into the simplicity of using storify, a website that the Walk My World Coordinators suggested. Now, don’t get me wrong, that was fine, and I enjoyed learning a new part of the internet, but I definitely enjoyed reading your approach much more than reading mine! Nice job overall on this learning event! Also, really nice job on all of the WalkmyWorld events. I liked your writing style a lot. Like Margaret said, it was like listening to you talk! I think as students some of us lose our ability to write in a narrative style as we are pushed and pushed to write in the style of only papers. However you were able to break that chain! Nice job, and I enjoyed taking a glimpse into your world! Hope to work with you as we all work to make our way to the end of our classes!


    • Lauren, thank you for your thoughtful and kind comment. I really appreciate your kind words. I have to tell you this class has thrown me for a loop. I am not very tech savvy. I have never had a blog, Twitter or any other type of computer stuff. I am good with email, Facebook and Amazon. Yet this class has stretched me FAR beyond my comfort zone. Most times I feel so insecure next to you pros. So believe me when I tell you, your comment means so much to me. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I would to have the opportunity to work with you!


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