My day starts off with the alarm waking me from a peaceful sleep. You can also hear grumblings as I groan about having to get out of bed. This is followed by the sound of water hitting my body trying desperately to wake me. Once I am out of the shower I am awake to face my day. My dog looks at me informing me that she needs to go out. Okay, I’m up the dog has gone out, time to start my day. Time to find some music playing on the radio to jam out to as I drive to work. Once there I am greeted by the sounds of other teachers as we prepare our room for the day. Soon the voices of children fill the classroom. Throughout my day these are the voices I hear. When the work day is done, I either head home or off to college. If I am going home, I am greeted by my dog. This sound just warms my heart. Time to think about what’s for dinner. Now time for homework before the sandman visits and snoring could be heard as the last sound of the night. children