I have to say that my life has taken many turns that I did not plan for or anticipate. Unfortunately, not all of them were good. So as I was thinking about a poem to write the word that kept coming back to me about my life was “recalculating.”  I know that we are all familiar with this word in our GPS’s but it seems to be a word lately that has been a part of my life. So here is my poem….


Down I travel

Down I-95

The road looks smooth

and I let out a sigh

Before you know it 

there’s a fork in the road

Which way should I turn?

Which way should I go? 

I turn to the right 

as I see palm trees and sunshine so bright

But before I know it

I hear that sound

telling me another wrong turn have I found


What souvenir will I take with me

upon this wrong turn

I can only imagine as glove compartment spills

with memories of wrongs I’ve made in the past

How much will this one cost me? 

How long will it last? 


she screams in my ear

Doesn’t she know that I am now gripped with fear

A u turn I will make

before any damage is done


I’m on the right road

I’m going the right way

I breathe a sigh of relief

with no souvenirs that stay