Here is the link to my annotations on Hypothesis.

I chose to annotate the article Poetry Top 10: A Foolproof Formula for Teaching Poetry by Mara Linaberger.  In reading this article, I felt that Linaberger makes some very good points about poetry. I have to say that I am one of those people that has avoided teaching poetry. Since I work with younger children my way of teaching poetry has been the rhyming kind-you know those Dr. Seuss books. 

Models                                                                                                                                                                In her article, Linaberger writes, “..we’ve all heard so many times before, as teachers we function best as models, not as ‘the sage on the stage.'” I totally agree with this statement. I think that students look to teachers as models and they can tell by verbal and non-verbal cues how the teacher feels about something. If they sense you are having fun with something or enjoy something that sets the stage for them to relax and enjoy it. If they sense you are unsure or don’t like something, they will shut down as well. As teachers we have a responsibility to be enthusiastic about our teaching and present materials in a positive light.

Question                                                                                                                                                                I really liked how she asks the students “Do you notice anything about the way the poet writes? Can you see any particular patterns?”  She is giving them leading questions and directing them specifically to think about the poet’s writing and patterns within the poem. She does not ask a generic question such as “What do you think?” She has a purpose for the question and asks her question in a direct manner. This will help the student to understand what the teacher is asking and have them think specifically about that subject. 

In reading this article,  I felt Linaberger made teaching poetry so easy and not as scary as some people may perceive it to be.