For this week’s Walk my World we had to write about a miracle in the mundane. The Walk my World site states, “As you consider sounds from your world that help you recognize the miracle in the mundane…”  I had to give that some thought. Anything can be a miracle in the mundane, the sound of a baby crying, a dog happily barking that you’re home, the purring of kittens saying in their own way that they love you, or even the sound of car horns blowing. Sound in itself is a miracle. Yet anyone can take the sound of something and look at it in a positive way or negative way. Consider the examples above and you can see these sounds as either positive or negative depending on your outlook. 

While I had so many choices of things to write about, I chose to write about the sound of birds singing/chirping. A few years ago, I moved from a city to a smaller town in Connecticut. I love the slower pace of life here and the quietness. To me, I feel like I am living in the country with natural sounds all around me. One of the best sounds of “a miracle in the mundane” for me is the sound of birds chirping. When I go to sit on my patio, I just watch as they fly around making different beautiful songs. I am thankful that we have a variety of birds and they each have their own song. To be honest with you the only ones I can name are the Robins, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Hummingbirds and Woodpeckers. But it is so peaceful to sit out there and hear those calming sounds.