For our performance task this week, I choose the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss. Of course, we know that Dr. Seuss is known for his rhyming content so my activity will pair the fish theme with rhyming words. The activity will be a fishing game. The children have to go fishing and find two fish that rhyme. 

Activity: Fishing for rhyming fish                                                                                                                 Items Needed: Pre-cut fish (use assorted construction paper to cut out fish), rods, magnets, paper clips, string                                                                                                                  Prep Work: Prior to playing the game the teacher will create the fish (draw them, cut them out-make at least 14) and write rhyming words on them. When writing on the fish, make sure that you have two fish that rhyme. Then attach a paper clip to each fish. The teacher will put the fish in the water table that will be filled with pre-cut small pieces of blue (water) paper. The teacher will make up 3 fishing rods using a rod with a string attached to the rod and a magnet attached to the other end.                                                                                      Going Fishing: Three children can go to the center at a time. The teacher will explain the rules to them that they need to catch two fish that rhyme. When they catch a fish, they can put it aside and then fish for another one that rhymes. If it rhymes you can keep the fish. If it doesn’t rhyme, you need to throw the fish back and put your rod back in the water to catch the rhyme.                        

This will be a good way for the children to practice their rhyming sounds and have fun doing it!