In a time long, long ago there was a girl born in Connecticut. This girl comes from a strong Italian family and is the second generation of her family to be born in the United States. Her grandparents on both sides came over from Italy. About a year after she was born, they welcomed a little boy in the family. The cherubs flew and danced over this family and they lived happily ever……

Oh wait, this is a story of my life. ha ha. My name is Lisa and yes I am the oldest of my family. It’s funny that I didn’t think much of the whole second generation thing until the last few years. Growing up I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I loved children. My plan was to get married and have many children. Unfortunately my plan didn’t quite go as expected. We had some fertility issues and we were only able to have one child. He became our world as you can see from the many pictures below. I loved being a mom and tell anyone it is an amazing opportunity/job/lifestyle.

I sort of stumbled upon being a teacher. I worked at People’s Bank (when it was still called People’s Bank) for many years. One of my last positions there was that I was a trainer in the credit card division. I loved training!! I developed new ways for the new employees to learn things while having fun. I worked at night so I could be home with my son during the day. When my son went to Kindergarten, I would often help in the classroom (yes, I was one of those helicopter moms). I found that I loved teaching. It combined two of my loves together -children and teaching.

I went back to school and got my associates in early childhood. I have been teaching both preschool and Kindergarten for 17 years. Well as you know the state changed the requirements (we have until 2020) that all lead teachers must have a bachelors degree. So here I am at age ## back to school with all of you.

Some interesting facts about me are that I lived in Las Vegas for a few years. I went to high school out there. No, they do not teach you how to work in casinos. I get asked that question so many times. LOL. I love to laugh and have a great sense of humor. I believe chocolate should be one of the main food groups-LOL. Lastly, I am sure that I am the oldest one in this class.

As for the happily ever after, life didn’t work out as I had planned. but there are always new adventures and journeys to go on. I am finding myself in a place of new beginnings. I am now a single mom working full time as a teacher and going back to school. Who knows what the next chapter holds….

As for my son he became a Marine-hence my blog name. He is still the joy of my life but is now serving our country in Japan.

12650439_945997262143123_826051716_n  Yes, I lived in a time where baby pictures where in black and white.


this is the look when I find out I have to learn about another online social media site


Lived in Vegas and got married


My son-the light of my life


My son and I-isn’t he cute? I know I’m biased



Here is my Marine-miss him. He’s been deployed to Japan. 


so now I am a Marine MoM