Hey Everyone! My name is Lisa and as you can tell I am a Marine MoM. I am slightly proud of my son. LOL.

As for me I have been a teacher for the last 17 years. I worked in a private Christian school for 12 years and am now working in a Prek program in New Haven. I have worked with children ages 3 1/2-6 and love this age group! No matter what kind of morning I am having, once I get to work and see their faces-all is well. I don’t only work with these children, but end up loving them as if they were my own.

I love reading, especially children’s picture books! It’s funny because whenever my sister and I go to a book store, I head right for the children’s section to check out the new picture books. I love reading to the children and engaging them in the world of reading.

Okay, so we all have weaknesses, even Superman had a weakness. I might be slightly technically challenged. Even though I have taken online classes before, I have never had to create a blog, Skype or video chat. So I am hoping that you guys will be patient and teach an old dog some new tricks. LOL! Tell you what I will bring my enthusiasm and love for reading and you can bring your computer skills. We will make a great team!

Looking forward to getting to know you all better and that we have a successful and fun time together.

Lisa 🙂